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Photo is taking place instead of text because a picture can represent much of things immediately that words lose. Meaning, image editing is obtaining a lot of momentum in recent times. The inflation of e-commerce is striking due to advanced technology. It’s because they represent various commodities and it’s easy to purchase them. A lot of consumers mainly purchase from online, and they prefer a hassle-free way to buy a product; hence, e-commerce. However, if the goods is not relevant to the mark, it becomes difficult to influence the clients. So the demand for a quality and reliable clipping path image editing service provider rise. And the ones who edit the photo is important as they play a crucial role in making an excellent photo. However, before that, receiving some opinions regarding the photo clipping path service will be better.


Clipping Path Service

We deliver every embedded photo with our handmade Clipping path. Our Clipping path services also include Layer Mask, Transparent Layer, Background Removal, Alpha Channel Embedded etc. We have three prices for our services: Simple $1, Medium $3, Hard $5. We’ll also give discounts for bulk orders.




Keep original shadow

Our expert team can create an original shadow under any lighting condition. You can also select drop shadow or reflection shadow effect for your product. We’ll charge depending on the complexity, usually between 0.25-$1. Standard delivery is within 24 hours.

Keep original shadow beforeKeep original shadow

Dust Removal, Spot Removal

To make your product look more attractive you can put dust removal or spot removal as an add-on with our service. The pricing may vary between USD $1-$10 based on complexity. Standard delivery time is 24 hours.

Dust Removal, Spot RemovalDust Removal, product Spot Removal

Crop, Resize Image Optimization

Other than your clipping path service you can also request us to resize your images with our Crop, Resize Image Optimization service as add-ons. We also provide our service for e-commerce sites. The sites we provide our services for

Crop, Resize Image OptimizationCrop, Resize Image Optimization

Introduction of Clipping Path Service?


Photoshop Clipping path photo editing is prominent of the excellent and prominent photo editing procedures. It’s a technique used widely by expert graphic designers utilizing Photoshop for image editing. Clipping path works to cut out the background of an image, and the whole process is implemented by the Photoshop pen tool. Experts use the Photoshop pen to cut out the object and put the objective toward another background. The method may sound simple; however, it isn’t simple as seems. The expert need to exhaust a considerate amount time to produce the process accurately. They also require to examine and implement the pen Photoshop tool.

Also, designers should be careful when using the pen tool. Unless they are attentive, even the smallest of mistakes can damage the photo. On another note, a quality job takes time as well. Therefore, You need to allow a sufficient amount of time if you need high-quality clipping path. And no professional designer give the best clipping path in a short time. A real specialist of clipping path will take additional time to complete the job professionally.

In simple words, clipping path creates a path to remove the obstacles from the image. Also, it will point out the path what you want. Therefore, many sought after this popular service. And for a good quality clipping path, some providers are experts in the image-editing business like iClippingPath. The consumer provides the image and the provider utilizing the Photoshop does the job of saving customers time and effort. However, the clipping path service is more than it seems. Many tasks can be done with it and let’s check the main work of clipping path.

We also Provide Old Photo Restoration Service

the main Role of Clipping Path?


Of course, the most critical and crucial job of clipping path is removing the background of an image. While removing the background is most important at same, it brings necessary changes to the picture as well. And it’s a criterion for a quality clipping path service provider. You’ll find other changes to your images when you receive service from the best. Naturally, the changes will bring advantage to the client. Most importantly, the change in the photo cannot be denied.

 Images appear among numerous kinds of background and photographers can’t always supplant them. Furthermore, it isn’t the same for a clipping path service provider. A specialist of Clipping path can replace the background of an image according toward each client’s need. For example, if you need to change the background of your wallpaper, clipping path expert will make it simple and change the photo right up to your need. The main job is to change the background with another suitable one so that it helps viewers notice the picture easily.  

The usage of Clipping Path


The usage of the clipping path image editing service is essential as long as image editing is concerned. Alongside photography, clipping path image editing has entered into a form of art. From beginner to even expert photographers can make mistakes. And even the best of the photographer will not pretend that each shot will be best. Just, it’s not applicable to shoot a perfect photo each and every time. However, with image editing procedures the picture can reach the level of perfection. And the clipping path is an individual of the best image editing service that makes a photo seem astonishing. You can find the service anywhere in the image editing industry. Clipping path is used almost everywhere; an image is essential. Let’s see some of the best uses of the Photoshop clipping path service.

Boosting E-commerce

The clipping path service gives a tremendous boost to e-commerce websites. Now that everything is becoming digital consumer prefers shopping online. And if the product displayed is terrible then it’s highly likely you’ll lose customers; hence, image editing service. And you’ll definitely need clipping path service for some lovely photos for products. Without edited images, it’s practically impracticable to stretch the targeted audience. Among the representatives from a well-known and reliable clipping path service provider, you can easily boost your business with appealing photos for your products. With the progression of age, there have been massive changes in the image editing manner. E-commerce companies rely further on each clipping path service for a satisfying experience. Therefore, using clipping path service, the owners of e-commerce platform get some astonishing image throughout the clipping path service and boost their business.

Background removal

Of course, this is the most prominent use of the clipping path service. People need the service to remove background from a photo. Clipping path is a reliable technique when it comes to removing background or putting one to another. It’s one of the primary tasks of the clipping path service. A specialist of clipping path does just that, remove a background from a photo and set it to another suitable background. This helps the picture gain more recognition from viewers.  

A photo loses attention when it appears with a huge quantity of objects in the backdrop. The viewers can’t determine wherever to focus; hence, they get distracted. And the audience cannot choose which one to purchase when it comes to the products. So, by cut-out the unnecessary details from the background specialists of clipping path restore the concentration of the consumers. Therefore, the service is used most to remove background to increase an image’s glamour and appeal.

Change the look of an Image

With clipping path, thephotos get a transparent look. A quality clipping path expert reduces the intact look of a photo while focusing the smallest details. Consequently, they not only cut out the background also makes other necessary changes to the photo. Of course, they discuss with the clients first. We iClippingPath one of the best company providing the service, and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Who uses Clipping Path service?


Clipping path is essential when photo editing is concerned. It’s a service that anyone can need at any time. But to make things clear, below are a list where clipping path service is most used.

E-commerce business Owners

It’s a service that’s highly popular in the e-commerce industry. As stated, in this day and age most prefers to buy products online. And a lousy image will not give them a good impression; hence, the chance of purchasing the product decreases. Therefore, image-editing is used to make a beautiful photo. And it’s unlike clipping path service won’t be used. It removes the unnecessary background from the product photo and adds it to a suitable image. In result, the photo becomes glamorous and gets consumer attention. So, e-commerce business owners use clipping path service frequently.


There are a huge quantities of photographers available in this age of technology as the demand for photography is increasing instead of texts. There are many types of photographers and who are also skilled at their own fields. It’s their job to take the perfect photo to satisfy their clients; however, photographers are human too. Not all photo will come out well, or a bad one will come out. Although, a clipping path specialist can provide a perfect photo of the users need. Therefore, photographers rely on well known and expert clipping path service providers. With this service, they can make a bad photo look stunning and gorgeous.  

Advertisement Agencies

This service also essential to advertisement agencies or the likes. Beautiful photos are necessary for an effective advertisement. Agencies need glamorous images that bring out a product’s appeal; hence, they rely on the clipping path service. Now that, people prefer viewing photos over words gives a product with good photos edge when it comes selling. A well-known and expert clipping path service provider can make a photo look beautiful and appropriate for the viewers.

Media Outlets

Media outlets sought after this service all the time as they need to apply the clipping path to make photos look appealing. Without edited photo they can not do their works; hence, it’s essential for them. For instance, if a media wants to show something on the screen, they will need to edit it rightly. A specialist of clipping path can make the difference in making the best photos instead of raw and unedited ones. Also, the clipping path service helps increase the photo’s quality. Therefore, many media outlets rely on clipping path service.

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