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Background removal service is becoming popular among e-commerce business owners and photographers. The significance of this service in business advertising today is large nowadays as well. As many as 38% of online consumers like to see products on a white background; hence, it’s an essential service for a business who is looking to attract clients through an image. Also, it’s the perfect image editing service to erase any unwanted details from the background of an image and give the photo a better look. We at iClippingPath will provide you with a perfect image with our best service.




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What is Image Background Removal?

In simple term, background removal is a part of clipping path which removes the background of an image completely. Removing the background from an image completely change the looks of the image and make it look attractive. Moreover, an attractive image catches the eye of others; hence, the technique is widely popular towards people of all kind of professions.

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Attractive Product Photos

While white backgrounds are preferable to showcase business products, we can accommodate for single color background according to the client’s brand as well. Also, since we use hand drawn clipping path when we do background removal, we can capture every last detail of an image and make the photo look more attractive.

Advanced Background Remove Image

Advanced Image

A photo with hair or fur can be troublesome to remove. If you are somewhat handy with Photoshop, you can try to separate the unwanted stuff yourself. There are some tools in Photoshop to help you with that. The background eraser tool, magic eraser tool, other color separation techniques can help you achieve a natural looking attractive photo. This will make a photo that attracts customers to make them buy your product. However, if you are not proficient at handling Photoshop or such leave it to a professional company like iClippingPath.

We are proficient at handling all kind clipping path and masking service, including removing advanced objects like hair or fur from a photo. You can count on us if you don’t want to risk yourself with the job and want a perfectly handled picture with advanced removal service from a professional.

Categories of Background Removal Service


There are various methods of removing backgrounds from an image with Adobe Photoshop and other image editing tools. However, Photoshop is primarily used by professionals for this process. We are divided into several categories depending on the procedures, shape, and complexity of the subject of a photo.

Basic subjects

Straight, rectangular, round, and curved images without holes are basic subjects. These images generally have less than 6 anchor tapered end require a simple path in Photoshop. Removing background from such photos are easy and cloth, watch, phone, ring, etc. falls into this classification.

Simple subjects

Images with fewer curves and anchor points are simple shaped objects and require simple paths in Photoshop. Removing background from such images are relatively easy, and products such as shirt, jewelry, camera, chair, etc. fall under this classification.

Normal subjects

Generally, these images have many holes and embedded transparency. Also, images with medium shaped subjects require medium level clipping path. Removing background from such photos are relatively, and motor parts, group shoes, bracelets, group watch,  etc. falls under this category.

Complex subjects

Images with many curves and anchor points in Photoshop are complex shaped subjects. Removing backgrounds from these types of images are fairly difficult and require specialized knowledge. Also, complex images need complex clipping paths and chain, jewelry, net, cycle, etc. falls under this category.

Super complex subjects

Photos with implant clearness, entanglement, straight (up and down) or horizontal curves are super complex shaped subjects. Removing background from such images are difficult and require specialists with experience. Products like  trees, fences, fabrics, gate etc. fall under this category.

Remove unwanted objects

Not all photo comes out well after a shoot and even after a proper photoshoot you may notice the picture may have been even better without some objects in the background. The unwanted objects may ruin the beauty of the photo, and if you need to remove objects or background  from the photo – iClippingPath will be best for you.

Remove background with masking (Subjects with soft edges)

Images with delicate edges or soft edges in small pixels need delicate hands to work with. This kind of images can be hard to deal without expert knowledge and product images like model hair, furry doll, flesh, blanket, muslin, etc. require this service.

Background Removal Brief


Any technique utilizing a photo editing tool in which a subject of an image is separated from the background or the rest of the image is called background removal. In this case, Adobe Photoshop is the most used and preferred tool used by professionals. Removing background from an image has many uses, and many use the cut-out image with a background of their desire. Experts utilize Photoshop and a number of techniques to make this happen according to the background type and complexity of the image.

Photoshop has multiple tools that can be utilized for this process; however, not all of them can be used to serve the same purpose. Tools that can erase or help separate different colors in an image such as eraser tool, lasso tool, magic wand tool, and many other tools are used for removing background from an image. Using appropriate tools for different types of images is what makes an excellent designer and iClippingPath possess a multitude of craftsman specializing in such.  

Especially for business owners and retailers, this technique is essential. If you are in a business that gets you to work with models and images of products that need to be enhanced, background removal will be a necessity for you. Utilizing the pen tool, an expert designer can crop the subject carefully and remove even the smallest details like hair and fur.

A good photograph requires a good background and an excellent product with attractive looks may not look appealing to the viewers at all if it’s not processed well. Processing images for commercial reasons is called digital makeup, and the quality of an image should be picture perfect, whether it’s a model showcasing or a product. Moreover, this service can help beautify the image further.

A flawless product image will increase the sale of the product oppositely to a product image of bad quality, which makes selling the item difficult. Therefore, e-commerce business owners and retailers count on this service to enhance their pictures.

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Why Is Photo Background Removal Popular?


Background removal has made itself prominent within all image editing services. Many love this service. It’s easy and quick to use, not to mention cost-effective. Even among all other image editing services, this service is popular. You might wonder the reasons behind the immense popularity. There are countless reasons why this service is popular, and we have mentioned some reasons below.


The best part of this service is that it’s cost-effective. Although depending on the complexity and difficulty, the fees vary for different companies. However, most image editing services providers offer this service at a reasonable price so anyone can afford it with their budget.


As mentioned, a good and edited photo connects to a better sale, but most photographers or e-commerce site owners don’t have the time to edit all of their product photos by themselves. Therefore, they rely on a third-party image editing service provider like iClippingPath for convenience.

Easy to promote products

Background removal plays a large part making a photo look natural and attractive, which is important for photographers and business owners. Generally speaking, photographers take photos to promote a product or service, and the same goes for business owners. Since online purchasing is getting popular, having an excellent image to showcase your product is essential.

When online consumers check for a product, the photo needs to be of the best quality; otherwise, you will be losing customers. Also, for the best photo, you’ll need editing. By removing unwanted objects from the background or removing the original background and replacing it with an appropriate one will bring out the attractiveness of the photo resulting in a good sale.

Lower workflow

Most of the time, photographers and e-commerce site owners use this service to lower their workflow. Since they don’t have time to do remove the background for all their product photos themselves, they outsource the job to others who provide the service. This saves them time while increasing efficiency.

How Does It Work?

With background removal, you will get an enhanced photo that attracts customers. After removing the background from an image, the photo looks completely different from its original look and get a professional look. Photographers are busy, and while taking a photo, they need to keep many things in mind; hence, they can’t focus on the background alone. So, they cannot get the best background for their picture. Same goes for business owners and retailers. Photo editors remove the background for them and make sure the photo looks nice.

What's The Difference Between Clipping Path and Background Removal?


Although Clipping Path and Background Removal both are closely connected together, there is some difference between them.

Clipping Path

  • Clipping Path creates an outline around the center object of an image.
  • The Pen Tool is used to create a Clipping Path.
  • No other tool than the Pen Tool can make a Clipping Path softly and beautifully.
  • Clipping Path usually consists of three types Simple, Complex, and Compound.
  • Any fill color can be used in a Clipping Path, and it can be also be used as a vector path. Besides, color can be changed or modified if necessary. Using Clipping Path, the color of the background can be changed as well.
  • Using Clipping Path, the background can be removed quickly.
  • Clipping Path cannot remove some objects like hair or fur.

Background Removal

  • Background removal deletes everything else, only keeping the center object.
  • Other tools with Pen Tool are used for Background Removal.
  • Background Eraser Tool can be used to remove the background, and the Pen Tool can be used to make an outline path.
  • Background Removal can also be of three types Simple, Complex, and Compound.
  • Any Fill color or solid color can be used on the background of a transparent image, and later the background color can be modified.
  • Can remove background quickly as well.
  • Even the smallest of details become possible with background remove service.

Why Is Image Background Removal Service Necessary?


The impact of background removal for a photo is immense and this service is widely popular towards business owners and photographers. There are many reasons to use this service, and below are some of the reasons why it’s necessary.

Scratches background

Not all photo comes out well no matter how good the photographer is. When the background of an image has scratches, this service will prove to be useful.

Set photos in an appropriate background

Removing the original background from an image and setting another appropriate image in place will bring out the photo’s appeal even more.

Edit the image for beautification

By using background removal service, beautifying an image is easy.

Create photos appealing and alluring

Removing the original background from an image and setting another appropriate image in place will bring out the photo’s appeal even more.

images look sharp how it ought to be

If a photo doesn’t come out well during a photo shoot, using background remove will bring out the natural beauty of the picture and make it look precisely how it ought to be.

To influence photos to look exactly the way you want

If the photos for your products doesn’t look how you want it to be, then you will lose customers. However, using this service, you can make the photo look precisely the way you need.

Who Uses Photo Background Remove Service?


The process of removing background from an image is widely spread amongst profession of all kind. Overall, the entire e-commerce business owners need this service. However, it’s not only business owners; many others need the service as well. Here is a list of persons who needs image background removal service.

Real estate business

Real estate business often uses our service to advertise their properties. You may wonder why? The reason is simple. No one checks a real estate property directly and only verify after checking with a photo; hence, having an edited and attractive photo is necessary for the business. Therefore, real estate business needs this service to change the look of the images, so the chance of potential buyers increases.

Online entrepreneurs

You will need a lot of edited images if you are an online entrepreneur to convey your messages. To make your message clear to your audience, you’ll need some bright and attractive photos. Our service can make an image look engaging, so your audience knows precisely what you are trying to convey.

E-commerce business owners

E-commerce has become a large industry which keeps growing, and the demand for online products and services are increasing. For the sake of their business, e-commerce owners opt for image editing service to make their product look appealing to their customers. To do that an edited photo will look engaging to the viewer will be essential. Also, Our service is a necessity to make a photo look attractive; hence, e-commerce business owners rely on the service.

Fashion industry

Another industry where image editing service is a necessity. If photo editing is prominent, then the need for background removal service is required as well. For the fashion industry, this service is important to advertise fashion products and accessories. Also, many fashion houses showcase the appeal of their products by letting models wearing them and what could be best to bring out the appeal of the image but using this service.


For a photographer, not all the photo come out well, and sometimes even a proper photoshoot turns out bad because of a bad background. It’s natural as photographers are human too, but they need a quality photo to satisfy their client. Also, sometimes, they need to change the background to match the tone of the picture as well. However, because of the nature of their job, they can’t pay attention to the background only, and this is where they rely on the image background change service from a third party provider like iClippingPath. Only we can provide distinctive and unique service for our clients.

Magazine business owners

Readers love to see a lively photo with a shiny look when they read content from a magazine. The readers lose interest if the image isn’t appealing to them and that’s why an exceptional and striking photo is necessary; hence, magazine business owners rely on background remove service from a quality provider like iClippingPath to make the photos for their magazine look exceptional.


Same as magazines, newspapers need attractive photos to appeal to their readers. Unless the images are striking and exception readers lose interest. Since newspapers have many rules and restriction, they need to abide by the rules and regulations. So, sometimes they need to remove the background from a photo to uphold censorships and other rules.

Advertisement Agencies

The time for texts is long gone, and images have replaced the position. To advertise a product or a service, first, showcasing the image of the product or service is necessary. An excellent looking photo will always look appealing to customers and removing the background from a photo or replacing the background with an appropriate one changes the look of a picture immediately. So this service is essential for advertising agencies to display their items in advertising.

Benefits of Background Change or remove Service


Among all image editing services, image background removal is growing in popularity quickly. The reason is simple; there are many benefits to the service. Some of the benefits of the service is listed down below.

Appropriate element

Suppose while looking for a product online if you notice any defects or mistakes on the product image, then will you buy the product? The answer is no. Oppositely, a quality product image in a white background looks appealing to a client. If you are one, you’ll consider buying the product if the image gets your attention. In this case, background removal leads value to a photo. In a way, it can be said this service gives an appropriate element to images.

Alter how an image looks

If a photo seems giddy and unprofessional, people will stop looking at it. On another hand, if the image looks professional and attractive to the viewers, people looking at the picture will increase. For an e-commerce business owner, they need their photos to looks best when attracting the client, and that’s why they hire professional photographers to take the photo of their product. However, even photographers can make mistakes, and if a photo comes out wrong or the background looks blurry, background change service is used most in these types situation to alter how the image looks.

Remove unwanted details

Sometimes, a photo may end up improper or hazy. Obviously, the photographer that took the picture will not be satisfied with the result because they want their clients to be happy with their photo. That’s when contracting an expert image editor is vital. A professional image editing expert can remove the unwanted details from the background and make them engaging in a matter of a minute.  

Add quality

Experts can help make the picture look more practical and spectacular to viewers eyes. If by some unknown factors, the background of a photo becomes hazy or bad looking, the value of the picture drops. Professional background erase service helps to remove bad background and replaces with an appropriate one, which in result add quality and relevancy to the image.

Make the photo looks attractive

A lot of the times, many companies uses images for commercial purposes, and they want to change the background to make the picture look appealing to the viewers. However, an inexperienced editor may not be able to accomplish the difficulty of removing the background from the image. The picture may look unpolished or unappealing to the viewers’ eyes if worse. Contacting a quality background change service provider will make the photo looks attractive and help increasing sale for the product.

Business use

Now that business is receiving attention online, many organizations utilize images to do business, and it’s necessary to change the background of the image for business reason. So, if the background does not satisfy the purpose of one’s business, it’s better to hire someone who can do. Many image editing service providers are providing professional background service for commercial use. If you are a business owner and want to add value to your product image, get in touch with iClippingPath.

Popular Tools For Background Removal


Many experts prefer different kinds of tools when it comes to background removal, and here is two of the most famous tool used.

Pen Tool

Photoshop pen tool is the most preferred and used tool by professionals. As mentioned people love seeing a product image on a white background, and we can do that using Photoshop pen tool to get a perfect and attractive photo with a white background. In this process, we cut down the background and replace it with a white layer. It’s an effective and easy process; however, it’s also a time-consuming process which most business owners and photographers don’t have the time to do with the nature of their jobs. Therefore, the job is left to a third party image editing services provider who is proficient at background removal service such as iClippingPath.  

Adjustment Brush

This is another well-known process using Lightroom. Although most prefer using Photoshop, there are some who prefers using the adjustment brush in Lightroom to remove a background from a photo and make an attractive and appealing. This is also an easy and quick process but needs specialists who know their way around Lightroom to work. iClippingPath designers prefer to work with Photoshop and the pen tool. Of course, our designers are good at what they do. Whether you are a business owner or a photographer, you will not have the time to do the photos yourself. Leave it to us to do the job, and we’ll provide you with our quality service.

Who We Are?


iClippingPath is an online graphic design studio with more than 20 Photoshop DTP professionals working 24 hours a day and 365 days a year providing the best of clipping path and background remove service to clients all around the world. We strive to work with sincerity, skills, and we are committed to meet the deadlines given by our clients.

iClippingPath is one of the leading image editing service provider, and we provide all our services in top quality. However, even we didn’t come to the place we are today without any issues. We faced many problems in the way and became one of the best while improving ourselves along the way. Also, we know how difficult and stressful a bad image can bring you. It’s because we know the importance of photo editing we brought our services to help people all around the world, and we’ve been successful in our endeavor. The professional designers working with us are all of top quality and highly skilled in all kind of Photoshop techniques.

All the craftsman in our team is highly experienced and trained at all types of image editing service. Some of them even worked for different national and international agencies. Paired with our experience and team of designers, we can tackle even the most complex kind of photo editing job. Also, we provide all our services at a competitive price without losing the quality of the image. Therefore, we get relied upon by clients of all kind of professions, and we are glad to be a trusted partner for them.

Why Choose Us?


If you need to edit your image, you will find many photo editing service provider in the industry. Different companies provide different kinds of services, and they have different policies as well. iClippingPath is the leading image editing service provider in the industry. The services we provide are cost-effective while not losing the quality of the image. In short, there are a few reasons that make us different from other companies. We have listed some of the reasons below for you to see.

Leading photo editing services provider

iClippingPath is a leading company when it comes to image editing services, and we provide a wide number of services. There are many competitions around, and we have made ourselves as one of the best with our experience, knowledge, and skill. Not to mention, we utilize the latest technology when it comes to image background removal.

We care for our clients

You may think it’s strange we care for our clients, or you may ask, don’t all company care for their clients. The answer varies, but most providers give precedence to their jobs. Of course, they care for their clients too but simple the priority is different. For us, we also do our job seriously and give it our all to provide our clients with top quality images. The difference is that we genuinely want our client to be happy and make them smile. When they smile, it brings us happiness along with a bit of pride inside, which is highly inspiring for us.

Top quality images

Nothing begins without quality. If the finished product is of the bad quality client will be unhappy, and we’ll lose customers. So we take it upon ourselves to provide our clients with top quality edited images.

24/7 available customer support

It’s important for a leading company to have the best customer support team because if any issue occurs and any inquiry takes too long to arrive, clients will be in trouble. Our customer support team is unlike other companies and always available at any time of the year to help you with your query. In result, we can respond quickly to any issue our clients are facing.

Devoted employees

All the employees of iClippingPath are highly devoted to works; hence, we can provide all the clients with top quality edited images.

Professional team

It’s important for a leading company to have the best customer support team because if any issue occurs and any inquiry takes too long to arrive, clients will be in trouble. Our customer support team is unlike other companies and always available at any time of the year to help you with your query. In result, we can respond quickly to any issue our clients are facing.

Latest tools

We apply the latest photo editing tools to aid with our work. All the tools we work with are paid and the most recent. We provide all kind of image editing solutions to our clients with the latest image editing tools and paired with our professional team; there’s no chance of mistakes happening on the job.

Keeping the deadline

It’s our motto to work with sincerity and skill while delivering images right on time. We are never late with our work and prioritize delivering the clients image before the given deadline. It’s because we know how valuable time is and we work to provide all our services, including background removal quickly.

Convenient price

We charge a moderate and cost-effective price for our services. No matter what kind of budget you have with a price of USD 0.49/image (condition applies) we can help you. Also, with bulk orders, we offer appropriate discounts. Contact our support for more details.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We guarantee a 100% satisfaction to our clients for all our services. Our photoshop experts ensure you will have top quality images and a fantastic experience when you rely on us.

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