Professional Photo Editing Services

iClippingPath is a pioneering graphic design studio with 20 professional skilled in photo editing services waiting 24 hours 7 days a week around the year. We can guarantee delivery of 1000 digital image clipping and masking per day having 3rd level of quality department to ensure high volume input.

Clipping pathClipping path service

Clipping Path Services

Increase sales with images that standout.

We offer from simple to difficult and complex Clipping Path service. We will deliver you handmade clipping path images edited with Photoshop Pen Tool for the best photoshop clipping path service. And of course, we will keep the deadline given. As a result we set the price depending on difficulty and complexity of the clipping image. Above all we will increase your sales with our best clipping path service.

Background Removal Service

Make your photo look appealing and attractive

It’s crucial that your product photo looks attractive to online consumers, especially so if you are an eCommerce business owner or photographer. We can do that for you with our background removal service that we do by paying attention to the smallest details, so there is no margin of error.

background removal service beforebackground removal service after
photo restoration work Beforephoto restoration work After

Photo Restoration Service

Restore your old photo quickly and efficiently

Photos are important mementos, and if an old photo gets damage or fade away with time, it will hurt you emotionally. With that said, you don’t need to worry with iClippingPath by your side. We can restore your old photos to its original state from almost any kind of damage. Moreover, we are quick and efficient at our job.

Retouching Services

Enhance Your look, enhance your demand

This service is mostly for Professional Photographers and Designers. We offer simple image Retouching to Extensive Digital Manipulation and Compositing. We have a team excelling at image Retouching and a great repertoire of tools for both product and model Retouching.


Multiple Clipping Services

Handmade clipping path

If you are a product/fashion photographer save your time with our Multiple Clipping service. If you are reaching a deadline and you don’t have the time, leave it to us. We’ll separate each color of the product for you. As a result it becomes much easier for you.

Color Matching Services

Multiple Photos from one image.

Color Matching is a popular service. This service is designed specifically for photographers, retouchers, and also retailers to optimize their workflow. We will add new to colors to the image as per your instructions and give you a new colored photo by the time.

Color MatchingColor Matching
Masking serviceMasking

Images Masking Services

Differentiate tiny details to perfection

Image masking service comes in the ideal technique when clipping path does not enough to attain exact details of complicated areas like hair. Our professional Photoshop Masking team will give you a perfect Masking result. We also use the latest hair removing method for masking.

Invisible Mannequin

Cost-effective way to promote your products

Showing your product on Invisible Mannequin saves cost and long-lasting. If you need your product to show at it’s best quality, our expert team will finally give you the best result to display your product provided from your instructionsFor instance 

Invisible MannequinInvisible Mannequin service

We Also Provide

iClipping Path includes others photo Editing Services


Background removal

One of our services is Background Removal. White background or add a new setting to your photo, we will do it all for you. Background removal can help tell consumers where you want them to focus and make your product shine. Our expert team will help you showcase your product to it’s best possible display.


Drop shadow

If you need your product to be eye-catching then this service is for you by the time. It takes tedious and skillful work to create a shadow effect that looks realistic and enhances the consumer experience. And we have a professionally trained team that will make your product pop off the screen and catch the eye of online shoppers.


Product photo-editing

We can help you with our Product photo editing services if you are an online seller. We are acquainted with various online marketplaces, trends and buyers behaviors to accommodate your product photos. We can remove backgrounds , align products, and adjust image margins for you to meet your standard.


Vector conversion

Vector files are optimal to use for the web or print. Since Vector files can be resized without sacrificing the quality of the images. Our team will give you a 100% handmade raster-vector conversion for logo, illustration, or product. Our Vector conversion service will give you exactly the type of work you want.

Committed To Making
the World a Better Place

As we are a pioneering graphic design studio we give our all to satisfy our customers. However, we are also committed to make the world a better place by dedicating ourselves to preserving human rights, make ethical labors and our environment. We implore others as well to do the same and make the world a better place to live.

Why choose iClippingPath?

iClippingPath is a leading image-editing and clipping path service provider offering high-quality services to clients worldwide. We have more than 20 DTP professionals are who are veterans in the industry and best at what they do. It’s our pride to be relied upon by clients all over the world, and the great testimonials prove it. But, there may be some peoples who think otherwise. Let’s clarify why you should choose iClippingPath for your clipping path, Photo Restoration and image-editing needs?

High-quality Photo editing services

First and foremost we provide high-quality professional clipping path and image editing services. And providing the best images for clients should be the first criteria for an excellent provider. And we offer all our services including clipping path, Photo restoration, Background Removal, retouching, multiple clipping path, masking, color matching, and invisible mannequin of the highest quality. Therefore we are trusted by our clients.

Fast turnaround time

You'll find many image-editing service provider taking time delivering the finished product. However, unlike most of them, iClippingPath assures a fast turnaround time for all services. Although the time may vary depending on the complexity and difficulty of the image, we'll still keep the deadline given by the client. We provide images as fast as in 6 hours at most within 24-48-72 hours. And for emergency jobs, we'll give priority finishing before the deadline.

Paying attention to details

This is without a doubt one of the essential parts of being a top image editing service provider. Without paying attention to the smallest of details, a good image won't come out. In fact, the chance of ruining the image is high without the details; hence, we give the smallest of attention to all aspects of a photo. And this makes us one of the best in the industry.


A top-quality image-editing service provider mustn't be expensive and we one of the most cost-effective companies in the industry. All our services are provided at an affordable cost. No matter what your budget is, you can afford our services.

Quick support

Our team of support is always standby 24/7 for clients call. You can call us no matter the time whether it's on weekend or vacation time. iClippingPath is ready for any work you give us. We respond as soon as possible usually within a few hours.

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    iClippingPath is an online graphic design studio with more than 20 Photoshop DTP professionals. Our company works to provide you with high-quality image editing services and meet all your deadlines at affordable prices.