Cheap Bulk Ghost / Invisible Mannequin Service for Ecommerce Products

To generate sales photos that bring your products to life are very important. Therefore having real people wearing and using your product is especially important for fashion retailers. Since models are expensive invisible mannequin is required in their place.

Invisible Mannequin Service

Invisible Mannequin Service

Using mannequin is cost-effective and reliable. Also, mannequins are a one-time investment, unlike, live models who can be expensive and unreliable at times. You can use an invisible mannequin in place of models with little cost. The entire mannequin, the neck or the joint our professionally edited mannequin will give your product proper depth.




Invisible Mannequin

Promote your products effectively with an invisible mannequin. Not only its shows your product’s attractiveness, but it’s also cost-effective. As per your instruction, our professionally trained team will give a flawless job with our invisible mannequin service so that your products sale.
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Invisible Mannequin
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Invisible Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Effect


Many e-commerce sites and catalog showcase their products in mannequins or usually used as ghost mannequin. And why not? Not only it serves the purpose of showcasing the product but also saves money. Generally speaking, hiring live models is extremely daunting as they are expensive and you need to prepare for other factors like their schedule, or weather as well. Especially for small business owners with low budgets, hiring a live model is difficult.

That’s where a mannequin comes. Unlike live models, you’ll not need to worry about weather, schedule, or cost. But you’ll need to remove the background along with the mannequin for it to be effective. And give it a ghastly look; hence, it’s known as the ghost mannequin effect. The effect of a ghost mannequin has been proved. And now most e-commerce sites prefer using ghost mannequin instead of a human figure. It is used to create 3D effects of various garments and products such as shirts, jeans, trousers, jackets, swimsuits, etc.

The ghost mannequin effect is also known as the invisible mannequin effect. But you can use transparent mannequins or removable ghost mannequins to reach the same result. However, most don’t prefer them including photographers who take photos of a product. The main reason behind not using transparent and removable ghost mannequins is that they are expensive. Also, you may need image editing services to create the effect ideally after shooting the photo. Therefore, photographers and e-commerce business owners prefer using image editing services. Because it’s more feasible and cost-effective. And image editing services are best to showcase their products with invisible mannequin effect.

Mannequin Remove Service


Photos that bring your product is essential for a good business. Fashion retailers and e-commerce business owners use mannequins to increase the appeal of their products. As live models can be unreliable at times while being expensive invisible mannequins is widely used. It’s cost-effective and less time-consuming. With only a one-time investment you can reduce your cost significantly. Removing the background of the photo along with the mannequin is ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin. Remove mannequin service helps fashion retailers and e-commerce business owners display their products to its fullest.

We are one of the best image-editing service providers in the industry. And many trust us with our remove mannequin services. No matter the difficulty we give a quick turnaround time for all our services including this one. iClippingPath has a team of expert professionals who are proficient at all types of image-editing services. That include ghost mannequin removal services.

Neck Joint Service


Neck joint service is an essential service for garments owners, e-commerce business owners, or professional photographers. Most people’s at one point or another relies on E-commerce websites to buy clothes. But do you know or have you ever wondered how those garment’s photo was taken?

Well, here’s how.

Initially, the photographer who takes the picture dresses a mannequin with the needed apparel and then take necessary pictures. After that, the images are then edited in a manner which makes the mannequin disappear; hence, “Ghost Mannequin.

iClippingPath is happy to provide you with one of the best ghost mannequin services in the industry. Our service is ideal for any images taken of – whether its clothing or garments that are going to end up published somewhere. By using this technique, images look a lot more professional on an E-commerce site, rather than a simple picture with a person or a mannequin wearing itself.

Furthermore, it allows an onlooker to focus solely on the product and less than the person wearing the product. Of course, which is an essential aspect for an e-commerce business owner. The last thing you need from a customer is to get carried away from the item you’re trying to sell.

Our team has ample experience working with these types of situations, so come on in and talk to us, we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

Invisible Effect


Image editing software helps to achieve the invisible effect faster than the traditional ways. Therefore, E-commerce business owner or fashion retailers rely on a third-party image editing service providers. Of course, not all company can offer a high-quality ghost mannequin with invisible effect on a product. Only the experts and professionals who have experience in the skill can do it. And iClippingPath have specialized teams who are proficient at creating the invisible effect of a ghost mannequin. Also, there are various other effects of a ghost mannequin which includes:

  • Usually, ghost mannequin is made of high-quality fiberglass which makes it considerably durable.
  • It’s a one-time investment.
  • A ghost mannequin is best for its ease of use because it’s relatively simple to adjust. Therefore, you can customize it however you want.
  • It creates stunning images of products which you can share with customers in social media.
  • Ghost mannequin can be used for a physical paper catalog.

Sleeves Joint Service


Sleeves joint service removes the mannequin from a hollow part of the sleeves which gives it a ghost effect. It’s a popular technique widely applied to long sleeved t-shirts, jackets and give them a 3D effect. Finally, join the sleeves after removing the mannequin and filling up the empty space. The product will appear natural and clear to the customers while also providing them with a high amount of satisfaction. In result, the sales will increase which is welcomed for the owner of the products. It’s an excellent technique, however, to reduce time and high-quality service you’ll need help for professionals. iClippingPath is always here to help.

What iClippingPath can do for you?


iClippingPath has one of the best invisible mannequin services in the industry. We provide the following services for invisible mannequin:

  • Neck Joint
  • Sleeves Joint
  • Bottom Joint
  • 3D or 360 Degree Packshot

Since our beginning, iClppingPath has helped countless customers with our invisible mannequin services. We’ve grown to be one of the best, and we’re relied upon by our customers for our professional services, fast turnaround time, and low-cost. And we’ve garnered customers satisfaction with our reliable and cost-effective invisible mannequin service in high-quality.

Our invisible mannequin experts are experienced and proficient in:

  • Making a realistic 3D effect of your product’s image
  • Resize the size, fixing the color, and straight the cramped parts
  • Fixing the front, rear, and a middle portion of a mannequin
  • Eradicate the whole mannequin
  • Improve the appearance of your product and reduce the cost of hiring a live model.

Ghost Mannequin Services


iClippingPath is an online image-editing service provider with more than 20 DTP professionals working around the clock. Of course, the invisible mannequin is one of the most sought services amongst clients all over the world. We’ll provide high-quality services whether you want the who mannequin to show your products or only a part. Generally speaking, e-commerce sites don’t like to showcase the whole mannequin with their products. Therefore, they remove the image background along with the mannequin turning in to an invisible mannequin.

Save your time and money with iClippingPath’s ghost mannequin services. Request a quote, and we’ll reply as soon as possible usually within a few hours.

Benefits of Why the Ghost Mannequin of iClippingPath Vital for your product


Invisible mannequin is an effective technique for jewelry, garments, lingerie, cosmetics, and many other products. iClippingPath provides many benefits with the best ghost mannequin services in the industry.

  • We improve the color of the clothes along with the mannequin
  • Adjust the color appropriately
  • Improve the texture of the product and also add glamour to the beautiful parts of the product.
  • Fixing the pixel and brightness so that the product will appear stunning.
  • A natural 3D appearance by joining the front and rear portion of the cloth.
  • Save money with our cost-effective invisible mannequin service.
  • Raise your sale by increasing the glamour and attractiveness of your product’s image.

Ghost Mannequin can Boost Up your products sale


Naturally, ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin is popular because of its cost-effective and less time consuming than live models. This service can be used to boost one’s product sale and revenue by increasing its attractiveness and glamour. We have served many customers with our invisible mannequin services and helped them grow their business. Our service has been already proven effective in bringing business to our clients. Improve and raises your products sale with iClippingPath’s verified ghost mannequin service. We can assure you of the quality with fast turnaround time. You can request a quote, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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