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Masking or image masking is a very modern image manipulation technique. With this technique, one part of a photo can be alienated from the other parts of the photograph where the edges are not that different. When a photo has a lot of details like a peripheral blur, translucent glass, and extremely thin parts, for example, flying hair - clipping path becomes difficult to use. That's where image masking service comes into the play.

Masking Service


Expert Photoshop skills and a good eye for details is required to remove the background in complex projects. We’ll deliver you a life-like clear edited image with our professional team trained at masking. We also provide advanced background removals such as fuzzy-hair, skin, and fur.




Types of Masking We Provide

The masking of image or image masking is a complicated and time-consuming process in Photoshop. And the process has different types of masking which different company likes to use different ones. We provide various kinds of masking for different types of jobs, and we use a masking tool depending on the situation we have. iClippingPath offers many different types of masking services which includes but not limited to:


Masking with retouching service

Masking with retouching service is popular among portrait photographers. To enhance the quality of the image removing dust or wrinkle is very popular right now. So our team of experts will provide you with a perfectly enhanced image masking service. Retouching with Alpha Masking or Layer Masking is also part of our services.
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Masking with retouching serviceMasking with retouching service
Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking

Transparent Layer Masking

It requires an advanced technique of masking for transparent objects like glass, plastic or spectacles. We guarantee we’ll make your product look stunning. We’ll also change the background of your desire after masking your product. We have experts professionally trained for this service.
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  • Bulk discounts
  • Fast turnaround
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Layer Masking

When people refer to masking in Photoshop, they usually refer to the layer mask. It’s the most used mask tool in Photoshop by most expert image editing service providers. Using masking we can hide or reveal portions of the images, or we can change the opacity of the various portions as well. Changing the opacity of a layer from the layer panel’s slider will change the opacity of the whole image.

iClippingPath possess the necessary tools and experienced team of graphic designers to do any type of masking. We can change the visibility of the image with the layer mask. And we can make any part of an image completely visible or invisible. For example, if you want to hide a portion of a picture, we can paint with the black on the mask. And that part of the photo will be totally transparent. In short, it will make visible the layer/s beneath. The image will be partially transparent if we paint with grayscale colors. The transparency will depend on the % of gray we chose for the brush. If we choose a soft brush, then the edge transformation will be smoother.

In short, you can hide any unnecessary part of your photo and display the portion you want with this service. And the best part of image masking service is that you can undo the changes anytime you want if it’s required.

Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking
Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking

Clipping Mask

While the layer mask uses a single layer to hide a portion of an image clipping mask uses multiple layers. It uses one layer to determine the transparency or visibility of another layer. We place a layer at the bottom of the layer we want to apply transparency with clipping mask. Many may think that what we’re doing is entirely contradictory to the layer mask.

For layer mask, we use black color on the mask to make the pixel of the layer invisible. And with clipping masking, we’re doing the opposite. If the bottom layer has some pixel that area the top layer will be visible. In turn, if the bottom layer doesn’t have any pixel, the top layer will be transparent or invisible.

Alpha Channel Masking

If a photo has fur or hair, it becomes more difficult and time-consuming to mask those areas with just brush strokes. But if the object and background have enough contrast using alpha channel masking becomes easier. This technique reasonably complex compared to other masking services.

We use the channel palate to see which channel gives the most contrast when working with this masking. If it’s the blue channel, we duplicate the channel and apply level on it to increase the contrasts sufficiently. We can also paint black the inner portion of the new blue channel to make it black. And we can make it inverse to make the black to white and white to black.

Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking
Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking

Hair Masking

Hair masking is one of the most popular image masking techniques, and it’s used to remove tiny objects from a photo. This technique can also be used to remove minute grooves and unnecessary portions of the background from an image. The service is especially advantageous while editing photographs of live models or fashion related photos. Therefore, hair masking is very popular with photographers and large corporations. But using a pen tool to edit a photo neatly is difficult for professionals. So, it’s better to outsource the job to a third party image editing provider like iClippingPath.

iClippingPath provides a perfect and ideal hair masking solution to all your photography needs. All our graphic designers are proficient and skilled with the latest image editing tools and can provide high-quality hair masking service.

Transparent Masking

Elaborate photos with fine details where clipping path can’t be used, usually, image masking is used. Generally speaking, the technique is used to isolate details like blurred edge, or hair. Transparent masking is an excellent technique used by graphic designers utilizing Photoshop. This technique is very helpful in removing transparent images from their background.

iClippingPath is a world-class graphic design and image editing outsourcing company providing the most exceptional quality transparent masking service to our outsource consumers. We will assist you in performing transparent masking not only by making translucent images transparent, but also removing the background of the transparent images. Try our transparent masking service with fast turnaround time and competitive price.

Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking
Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking

Edge Masking

This technique used for the perfect edge of the photo. Edge masking an excellent Photoshop technique to make your picture look more flawless and natural. Even the smallest of details in an image will look natural with edge masking.

iClippingPath uses the latest image editing tool and software for all clipping path and image editing services. We are proficient and experienced in providing finest quality edge masking to our customers. Using the quick selection tool and selecting an image, we apply layer mask & refine radius tool to make the soft edge.  We can make hair, fur, furry doll, blanket, fabrics, animals, trees, etc. images more natural by utilizing edge masking.

Object Masking

A photo may have an object in the background you don’t want. So, if you want to remove the unwanted object from the background, we can do so with our object masking service.

Leave it to iClippingPath to do the job. We use the quick selection tool in Photoshop and remove the unwanted object from a photo per our clients’ instruction. In short, unsuitable part of an image is selected with the quick selection tool and then removed by applying masking using the layer mask. It’s an excellent service to remove deformations of images.

Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking
Transparent Layer Masking serviceTransparent Layer Masking

Color Masking

Make your image more colorful with color masking. We can put various color combinations to your photo by cutting the edge of the picture. You can make a beautiful and colorful photo with our color masking service.

In photoshop term, cutting an image just across the edge or outline instead of 1 or 2 pixels to avoid the hollow line is the color mask. If you want to add anything later, our expert team can do that per your instructions. For example, we can later apply various effects like color & exposure correction, retouching, etc. to the image. iClippingPath provides one of the best color masking services in the industry at a competitive price.

Professional Image Masking Service


iClippingPath provides professional image masking service paying attention to the smallest of details. And paying attention to details for image editing is crucial for no mistakes can be allowed. Our graphic designers are master at using image masking to apply precise effects to delicate images with complex backgrounds. Imagine, you’re a retailer or an e-commerce business owner, and you want to increase your product sales. The first thing when trying to raise the sale of a product is improving how the product looks like to online consumers. More and more people’s are tilting toward searching online before purchasing an item. So, when your product looks unappealing with blur or hair attached to the image high-chance, you’ll lose customers. In other words, image masking service is necessary to photographers and business owners alike.  Consumers demand better photos, and so do your clients.

If you are a photographer, sometimes after a photo session you’ll notice that the photo didn’t come out well. You might see some hair or far is sticking to the picture. Worse of all the photo is blurring. Of course, a professional photographer needs to provide high-quality images to their clients. But sometimes with over the top workflow editing, all those photos may not be possible. You can save your time and effort with iClippingPath’s professional image masking service.

And we provide all our services at affordable prices including image masking service. Impress your clients with professionally edited image masking service from iClippingPath.

Image Masking Services Required For


Image masking service has become one of the most common outsourced photo editing jobs by e-commerce companies online. Almost all e-commerce business owners, retailers, and photographers need this service to improve their workflow and efficiency of their products. It can be said the process of graphic design is incomplete without image masking.

Image masking is one of the underlying image processing operations utilizing a photo editing tool, usually Adobe Photoshop.  And it’s used to remove details in a photo which can’t be removed with a clipping path. When there is a lot of information like a peripheral blur, translucent glass, and extremely thin parts, for example, flying hair in an image clipping path can’t be of help. So, image masking is used.

Although, it sounds very easy image masking a difficult task without proper training. Therefore, business owners, retailers, and photographers rely on specialists like iClippingPath to get the job done. At iClippingPath, we have a team of dedicated graphic designers who are proficient in handling a variety of image editing services such as Clipping path, Image masking, Multiple, Photo Retouching, Color Matching, Invisible Mannequin, and many more. Although masking an image is one of the most time-consuming jobs, our expert DTP professionals are highly qualified and work fast while keeping the quality of the picture.

Image masking is a time consuming and extremely demanding job. But no matter the difficulty, we have photoshop tools and techniques do the job. We also bring world quality service at affordable prices. Save your time, effort, and money with iClippingPath’s image masking service.

Benefits of Image Masking


More and more business owners and retailers are going ahead of the competition by improving their products appeal and increasing their sale. No wonder with how beneficial image masking can be. Below are some of the main benefits of image masking.

High-level of editability

The main advantage of image masking is that we can change the masked image anytime we want. Yes, this technique offers high-level of editability. Meaning, no need to make any selection of the layer of images, Photoshop do it for us, and we can resize the photo as our clients’ requirement. As explained, this technique is used mostly to remove small details or unwanted portion of a photo. For, example if there’s a part you want to remove from your photo using image masking will be preferable. Because we can change it to how it was before in case you want the picture like it was previously.

Show or Hide

The most basic use of image masking is to hide or show a portion of a photo. We can control the transparency level; however, we want per our customers’ instruction. For example, an image with a shiny house. We can make a bright house dimmer just by brushing the area with a gray color. But, dimmer doesn’t mean erasing a portion completely but merely making the area semi-opaque. Of course, there are other ways to do this, but image masking is the best technique to achieve the feat.

Translucent Objects

It’s an excellent technique to remove the background of translucent objects. For example, we can use image masking to remove the background from glass or the same type of objects. It’s also great to replace the background of other objects with transparency (mesh cloth).

Modifying an area of a photo is very common and sometimes necessary. For example, you want to change the color of one part of a model’s cloth. You can do that by masking that portion and making it visible. Afterward, modify the area however you want, color adjustment, exposure correction, or brightness adjustment, etc.

We are an online graphic design company providing high-quality image masking services at an affordable price. We are confident to satisfy our customer no matter with our professional and proficient masking experts. Get ahead of your competitions with iClippingPath image masking services.

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