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Photo Restoration Service for Old Photos & Photo Restoration Work

Photo Restoration Service and Photo Restoration Work are one of the most important aspects of the art of image editing.  Photos are taken as a memory for the happy moments in everyone’s life to keep them immortalized in a photographic paper. However, once the precious pictures start to fade, the captured memories will go away and lost their meaning as well. Fortunately, even if an old photo starts to fade or gets damaged, there are many companies providing services for them to restore the images to their original appearance or even more. iClippingPath is one of the few providing quality and guaranteed service around the world, and it’s our goal to provide the best of our services to our customers who want to bring back their old memories in their photographs.




What is Photo Restoration?

Photo restoration also known as photo reconstruction or photo repairing is a vital aspect image editing to restore fire-damaged, physically damaged, water damaged, and mold damaged photos to their original state. Repairing a picture that is damaged or degraded because of tearing, bleaching, creasing, changes in temperature, staining, or breakdown is called photo restoration. The main objective of the service is to restore the old image because sometimes photos fade over time or can become damaged compared to photos taken recently. When an old photo starts to fade this particular service can make it newer.

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    Photo Restoration Services Categories


    A photo is more than just a record, they are a replace memory for us; hence, old photos are important to us. When a precious picture gets damaged or fades over time, you shouldn’t panic because there are many companies providing photo restoration services that can help make the damaged photo how it looked initially. iClippingPath delivers quality services, and below are the categories we provide our service in.

    Vintage Photo

    A vantage point is known as the first step of photography because it’s the first print a photographer develop instantly after the negative. If your first print is getting old or damaged, we’ll restore the photo and give it a new look.

    Damaged Photo

    A photo can get damaged for many reasons, and you don’t need to worry about anything even if your picture gets degraded. Our experts will make sure your picture looks at how it has initially been or even better with our service.

    Black White Photo Colorize

    Old photos are prone to stains and scratches. You can use our service to restore these old images to how they looked originally or even better. iClippingPath provides the best photo repairing/reconstruction service.

    Image Color

    Color is the soul of a picture, and you can restore the color of your old photos with our service. Bring back the soul of your photo with iClippingPath.

    Why Repair Old Photographs?

    Many may wonder what’s the point of spending money and restoring an old photo when you can take a new photo. But if you think carefully you’ll know, the real reason is to save the memories you have on those photos which is also the main aspect of this service.  By chance a precious photo of yours gets damaged because of a reason, then you will need to restore the image. But what to do when you don’t know how to do it yourself? Rely on someone who can.

    Specifically, an image editing services provider who also provides service to return an old damaged look before it was damaged. But the biggest hurdle is here as numerous companies are providing the service around the world and even in your local place. Furthermore, you will need to be careful about prices too.

    The main point is, saving the old memories you have in a photo is irreplaceable regardless of the price of a service. Because that is something, you will never get back once lost. Therefore, photo restoration work is an essential aspect of image editing and many counts on this service.

    What Kind of Company Can Restore a Bad or Damaged Photo to Its Former State?

    You will discover many companies providing this service around you, and you may think about how to pick the right one for your job. There are many criteria but keep in mind just two things “reputation” and “cost-effective“. A well-known and reputable image editing services provider who has been in the industry for a long time won’t offer bad services because they know how important it is to keep their name in this line of work. Same goes for the cost part.

    A quality company knows how much is charging too much and how much can their customers afford. Therefore, pick a company that is well known and has been in the industry for a while and also providing their services at affordable prices. And iClippingPath fits the bill just fine as one of the best in the market for our photo repair/reconstruction service. You will know more about us and our services as you move forward with us. Also, keep in mind, this is not the only service we provide in top-quality but many other image editing and clipping path services along with it.

    Benefits of Photo Restoration Work


    Everyone treasures their photos, and research indicates that pictures are some of the people’s most dearest possession. Whether it’s your own photo or your parents, they hold irreplaceable memory with them. So, what will you do if those pictures get damaged or fade over time? You can rely on a professional service provider like iClippingPath who will repair the photo for you with photo repair/reconstruction work. Below are some of the benefits this service offers.treasures

    Restore Damaged Photos

    Many factors can diminish the quality of a photo and old pictures can get stain, scratches, or simply fade over time. If you have an important photo and it gets damaged or degrades over a long period, you’ll need to revert the original look of the image with the help from an image editing services provider who will make your old photos look new. We are one of the best when it comes to reinstating the original look of an old damaged photo. Our service will make sure your photo looks how it was before so you can cherish it for many years to come.

    Digital Copies

    If you convert your pictures into digital copies, you don’t have to worry about damage anymore. With digital copies, storing a photo is easy, and it’s immune to damage as well. If the old photo gets damaged, you can restore its original quickly as well. A top notch image restoration service provider like iClippingPath will ensure the quality of the copies is as great as new photos.

    Image Colouring

    Now, everyone prefers color photos over black and white, and if you are one of them, you can do so with us. An excellent service provider like iClippingPath can add natural sepia or other colors to your photos. You can also add other special effects with our service.

    Preserve Original

    The main reason and benefit of photo restoration are simple and easy. It’s preserving the memory of a photo; especially so, if the picture is an old one. No one wants to lose their precious memories; hence, they rely on top quality providers like iClippingPath to preserve the old photos in their original state.

    Who We Are

    With 5+ years of experience, iClippingPath provides various kinds of excellent and outstanding image editing services all around the world. We are fairly known in the industry because of our efficient and cost-effective clipping path and image editing services. Photo repair/reconstruction service is also included. We have helped countless photographers, e-commerce business owners, graphic designers, magazine publishers, and many more with our quality clipping path and image editing services. Most of the time, customers require their images quickly; hence, we put emphasis on fast photo editing services without losing the quality of the original image.

    Among all of our image editing services, photo repair/reconstruction is one of a kind that many  quote us on a daily basis. If you are looking to return your old and damaged photo at its original look, you have come to the right place. Although we’ve been in the industry in 5+ years, all our graphic designers are veteran at the art of photo repair and have been in the industry for many years. With our experienced designer paired with latest photo editing tools, we will deliver your old photo to its original look in no time at all.

    Our Photo Restoration Service

    At iClippingPath, almost all photos can be restored. Regardless of the severity of the damage, it’s our job to revert your image to its original look and we have been successful in our endeavor so far. The secret of our success is that we put each pixel together with the most advanced restore technique. As long as you have the original picture, we can repair most types of photos. For example.

    If your house catches fire (fictional), your images can get burned or if you call an extinguisher and your pictures can get wet or damaged. In the case of any kind of damage to your photo, we shall use advanced photo reconstruction techniques to give your damaged photo a new look. It does not matter how damaged your photo may be, our work is to provide it with its former look. We do all this by putting each pixel together using the most advanced reconstruction techniques.

    Furthermore, if your photo has minor to severe stains, scratches, or some part missing, we’ll remove the unwanted parts and supplant the missing parts as well. We need only guidance and proper instruction on how you want your picture to look, and that’s it. We’ll do the rest. You can also give special instructions to us, which may include removing the photo from border frame, remove blemishes, adding colors, and more. Contact us for more details.

    How We Do Photo Restoration Work?


    We employ several techniques depending on our client’s request and specifications to restore a photo. Up to this date, we’ve done this service many times and below are some of the most common requests we have received from our clients.

    Removal or Replace a Background

    If you are not satisfied with your photos background and wish to replace it, we can offer you a wide range of photo repair/reconstruction services like changing the color of the background, removing the background from your photo, or give the picture a vintage look.

    Object Removal

    If there are a lot of distractions in your photo and you want them removed, we can help you with our photo repair/reconstruction service. With our techniques and experts, we can remove unwanted objects such as wires, trees, or people from your photo’s background to restore the original look efficiently.


    This is one of the common requests we get from our clients. However, many tend to overlook it, but cropping is a part of photo restoration service and used to transform a photo to make it look more stunning than ever before.


    In some cases, some additional changes and adjustments will be necessary to restore a photo to its original look which could include removing any swells, make the subject look older or younger, adjusting chest/breast size, and many more. You can restore and bring a lot more change to your photos in the right way with our photo repair service.

    Keep in mind, depending on the type of reconstruction service you want for your photo, the pricing will vary as well. Each of our restoration projects is different; therefore, we evaluate each and every one of the images and determine how much you will be going to pay after the job is finished. After we receive your photo, we’ll contact you and offer you a quote. If you decide not to opt for our service, we’ll return your photo to you charging nothing at all. Also, we make sure to inform our clients of the full price of the project before starting to work on it.  You can see our pricing list below.

    Our Price List

    Unlike other companies, we don’t have any set fees for our photo repair/reconstruction service. Each and every single job is unique, and every restoration job is quoted individually. Also, the price of our service depends on the severity of the photo’s damage and several other factors. But to make it easier for our clients we have listed how much we charge approximately for our photo repair services depending on the damage of the photo.

    Basic Photo Restoration service - $10 to $20 (Approximately)

    We’ll repair some minor flaws, basic level scratches, wrinkles, tears, and some slight blurring in this category. We’ll not include face harm in this service, and include only the basic photo restoration service iClippingPath provides. We charge approximately $10 to $20 per photo in this category. 

    Simple Photo Restoration - $30 to $50 (Approximately)

    We’ll repair shading blurring or staining, minor scratches, wrinkles, tears, remove some direct flaws. In addition to, if a photo is missing some regions, we’ll fix it excluding individuals or countenance (if there is little countenance we’ll consider repair). Also, if the face harm is small, we’ll repair face harm as well. No matter how much damage your photo has, it’s natural to desire the best services, which is what we can provide you with little cost. This simple photo restoration package will be best for you if your photo isn’t much damaged. We provide services of this category at $30 to $50 per photo approximately.

    Medium Photo Restoration - $70 to $100 (Approximately)

    We’ll repair some missing pieces from a photo, also, repair directly to medium level scratches, tears, and imperfections. Furthermore, we’ll repair if the face has direct scratches, shading confronting, and upgrade the photo with our medium photo restoration service. This package will be proved to best for your if your photo has simple to medium level damages. We charge approximately $70 to $100 in this category.

    Severe Photo Restoration - $100 to $150 (Approximately)

    In this category, we’ll repair extreme staining, replace missing foundations regions, replace regions of the missing photo, repair excessive scratches and imperfections. This service is the most recommended among all our photo repair services because this category has unique options that no other category has.   

    Photo Restoration Service Process


    Photoshop is not only a great tool to enhance or modify an image but also an excellent tool to repair or restore a photo that has been damaged from age, fire, water, neglect, etc. As explained, we employ different types of techniques while doing reconstruction; however, we mainly prefer using Photoshop. Below we’ve listed some of the processes we generally use to restore a photo to its original appearance.

    Step 1

    First is the preparation stage, so, we procure the necessary photo editing tools (in this case, Adobe Photoshop or depending on the situation illustrator or other tools) and the damaged photo we are going to work with.

    Step 2

    Next off, we start with selecting each piece with the Lasso tool in Photoshop and copy and paste each on to a separate layer. We end up with 4 layers hiding the original.

    Step 3

    Third, we’ll create a mask for each layer, and we’ll start masking off the edges of the images with a sharp brush of your choice. Our experts prefer working with 23px chalk brush, but again that depends on the type of image we are restoring.

    Step 4

    Before we start masking, we will set up a layer below the one we are working and fill up with deep blue color to help us visually as to where and how much to mask.

    Step 5

    In the next step, we start masking on the edge of the image, getting rid of everything the clients don’t want.

    Step 6

    Finally, we repeat the process for all the part of the image.

    Why Our Photo Restoration Work


    If you are looking to restore your old photos to its original look and then some, then you’ve come to the right place. Many companies are providing the service to restore damaged photos or pictures that are fading over time. You may wonder why you should pick iClippingPath among countless companies. It’s natural thinking like that since you’ve never worked with us. We’ll provide you with some reasons ourselves why choose our photo restoration work over others.

    Restore All Types of Damage

    Whether your picture has been damaged with age or fire, water, scratches, tears, wrinkles, and many more our professional team of photo repair and reconstruction experts can fix all types of damage.

    Give Them a New Look

    Not only we can restore an old photo to its original look but also give the picture a new and modern look. We can even add a new color or replace the background to match the look of the new photo.


    Although there is no set price for our image restoration service, we provide one of the most cost-effective services in the industry. You can compare our price with other companies, and we can promise you won’t find any other company who offer quality service at such rates as us.

    Done by Specialists

    We have a team of professional designers who are proficient at image photo restoration, and with them, we provide our clients top quality restored image with no mistake to account for. 

    Advanced Tools and Software

    We utilize the latest and advanced photo editing tools to restore each and every one of your images while ensuring the pictures doesn’t lose the original quality.


    Experience speaks for itself. We have experience over 5+ years in the industry and many years experience in the industry as graphic designers we know our way around restoring photos from all types of damage.

    Quick Turnaround Time

    We provide image reconstruction with quick turnaround times with the finest quality pictures while providing them at affordable prices.

    List of our photo restoration services & Work


    We ensure the damaged photo is restored to its original state while providing our services at affordable prices. Image editing is a large industry, and photo repair/reconstruction service is an essential part of our service3s. Depending on the complexity and the category we at iClippingPath provide a wide range of image restoration services.

    Digitally Restoring Old Photographs

    Repairing old photographs is what we do best with our latest photo editing tools paired with our specialists. We do so that you will be able to store the pictures and keep your precious memories for a long time digitally.

    Professional Photo Editing

    Just as image restoration is a part of photo editing, photo editing is a part of image repair/reconstruction as well. We will not only repair your old and damaged photos, but we will edit them like they are new and taken recently. 

    High-End Retouching

    When it comes to restoring an old photo to its original state, high-end retouching will be a necessity as well. With our high-end retouching techniques, we will give your restored photos a new and attractive look.

    Increase Photo Resolution Online

    One of the most basic of our image restore service is that you can increase the resolution of your photos online along with repairing it with our service. Something, not all company will provide you with.

    Enlarging Old Photos

    If you want to enlarge your old photos, we can do so with your instruction. We know old images are essential and likewise, it’s natural to enlarge the images to keep in front of your eyes. Get in touch with us to enlarge your old photos.

    Removal of blemishes with photo retouching

    Just as explained, photo retouching and restoring is closely connected together. If you have an old photo with blemishes, we can remove any kind of flaws with photo retouching easily. 

    Water Damaged Photo Restoration

    Photos are prone to all types of damage, especially if a photo gets drenched with water, it’s highly likely the picture won’t be recognizable at least until you repair the image. Our specialists at iClippingPath can repair water damaged photo and restore them to their original look quickly and efficiently.

    Restoring The Missing Pieces of a Picture

    A picture may have some missing parts due to fire damage or other damages. If you are worried about your photo, fret not. Our specialists can restore the missing pieces of your picture and make it good as new.

    Colorize a Black and White Photo

    We know old photos were generally black and white, while they have their good parts if you want your photos to look new and give them a modern look we can add colors to your black and white photo. 

    Other than water damage, we can also remove scratches, stains, tears, wrinkles, cracks, rips, crease, etc. from a photo and restore it to its original look. Furthermore, even if your photo was damaged in a fire, we can repair it to its original state as long as the picture isn’t completely destroyed.

    What Makes Us The Best?


    Regardless of what company you choose to count on for repairing your old damaged photo to its original state, we’ll give you some reasons that make us best in the industry. It’s not us who are claiming to be the best, but it’s our clients who have worked with us leverage ourselves as the best. And we are honored to have received the greatest praises a company can receive from their clients. Then let us see why our customers think we are the best.



    To make it easier for our clients, we have collected several frequently asked questions and answers regarding photo restoration service. If you have any additional questions regarding our services, you can contact us at +8801670177333 or at

    How does photo restoration work?

    Now repairing old damaged photos and reverting them to their original is easier with all the new tools and software. Repairing a picture with a photo editing tool from damages such as scratches, stains, water/liquid damage, tears, wrinkles, etc. is photo restoration work.

    Can anyone do it?

    The answer is both yes and no. In theory, anyone can do it as long as they have a computer and an appropriate photo editing tool. However, that is as long as the photo damage is minor, and in most cases, you will need help from a professional if there is severe damage to the picture.

    What types of photos do people want to restore?

    Photos are precious, and as long the picture is important people will want to repair it. But in most cases, family photos are the focus when it comes to photo restoration.

    Is there any benefit of fixing old photos?

    As we have said many times, photos are a collection of our memories, and we don’t want to lose them. The main benefit of fixing old photos is to preserve the precious memories we have.

    Why do so many old photos require fixing?

    Back in the days’, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now and photos did not have the quality of long-time preservation. In result, old pictures tend to fade over time and get damaged easily and requires fixing from professionals.

    What can iClippingPath do for me if I want to fix an old photo?

    First, send us your photo, and we’ll analyze the damage. Next, we will determine the cost and offer you a quote. If you are ok with it, we will move forward with the project after talking details with you. Finally, we will deliver the finished product to you before the given deadline in the finest quality possible.

    Can you restore my old photo?

    Depends on the damage of the photo. Although, we can’t say we can 100% revert your photos look to how it looked before we can guarantee you we can repair almost any damage from your picture and return its original look. You can rest assured we won’t charge anything from you before we determine if we can fix your photo or not and you pay us only after we succeed.

    Can you restore a photo from any kind of damage?

    We can restore a photo from liquid/water damage, fire damage, stains, cracks, tears, wrinkles, etc.

    How much do you charge for your service?

    We know old photos were generally black and white, while they have their good parts if you want your photos to look new and give them a modern look we can add colors to your black and white photo. 

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